Family time is a good time to cook together. You teach children valuable skills, while also making and sharing memories together. Whether you are creating a family-favorite recipe or wanting something fresh, baking and cooking as a family is a worthy undertaking. We have assembled a selection of recipes which are especially perfect for groups. They create a lot to talk about, or the measures enable for chefs of all skill levels for part.

Family Recipes to Make Together

There is a reason that the kitchen is the center of the house. It is where most of the fun happens! Have a look at our treasured inspired kitchen recipes (and memories!) For you cooking tonight.

Bring your family together round the cooker, and you are certain to produce memories that will last a lifetime. Cooks of all ages may pitch in and help for so many recipes. We have put together a selection of household favourite dishes, from baked breads to slow cooker apple cider. Each these recipes are simple to make with numerous hands. Better yet, a number create extras so that you may talk with family, neighbors, or even co-workers. That is the best gift of family time together.

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Family Holiday Traditions and Recipes You Do Not Want to Miss

The holiday season is upon us! Family holiday customs and recipes are in the heart of what this year is all about to households throughout the world. Now I wish to spend some opportunity to reflect AND inspire you with ideas and recipes that you wish to include to your loved ones this holiday season.

Listed below are 6 family Customs we Would Love to do That time of year:

  • Intentional gratitudeWe strive to create gratitude a principal focus beginning in November. It's an excellent time to concentrate on thankfulness. We do so with interesting activities with the children like going to a scavenger hunt and by reflecting on interacting together with the children as we begin our day.
  • Committing to other people: Donations and locating a family in need seems so nice and it versions and reminds our children this year is particularly about-loving others.
  • The nostalgia and memories about what's familiar is a gorgeous tradition we anticipate year after year.
  • The slowing down and being relaxed, grateful and current together with all the ones that we love.
  • Creating Gingerbread homes as a household: I've been making these since I can remember with my loved ones and my children love the exact same fun. We like the outing of moving and selecting the candy then a day of becoming creative whilst nibbling our masterpieces.
  • Sight viewing lights: We adore driving around town at the Winter listening to our favourite songs when looking at all of the gorgeous lights voting on what ones we like best.

10 Tips for Safely Moving While Pregnant

This post 10 Tips for Safely Moving While Pregnant appeared first on Life Storage Blog.

Moving is stressful. If you're doing it pregnant, guard yourself from moving stress by following these ten tips.

This post 10 Tips for Safely Moving While Pregnant appeared first on Life Storage Blog.

This post 10 Tips for Safely Moving While Pregnant appeared first on Life Storage Blog.

Moving is stressful. If you're doing it pregnant, guard yourself from moving stress by following these ten tips.

This post 10 Tips for Safely Moving While Pregnant appeared first on Life Storage Blog.

This post 10 Tips for Safely Moving While Pregnant appeared first on Life Storage Blog.

Do you have a baby on the way? If so, congratulations! You are probably a little stressed out and very tired as it is, getting ready to bring a new person into the world. Being pregnant is a lot of work in and of itself. Moving while pregnant is even more so!

Being pregnant and moving house doesn’t have to be stressful, though. You just need to make sure you are prepared and ready to take charge. Here are some things you may not have thought about moving during pregnancy so you can prepare well in advance. We hope these ten tips for moving while pregnant allow you to have the smoothest move possible so you can focus on what’s most important: welcoming new life into your family!

Tip #1: Talk to your doctor about moving house while pregnant.

The next time you visit your doctor, make sure they know about the move. Your doctor can give you tips and ideas on what you can and cannot do during the move. They can also personalize your moving plan to your pregnancy, as everyone and every pregnancy are different.

Tip #2: Give yourself plenty of time to pack for the move.

Your health and the health of the baby is the number one priority. Protect yourself by minimizing stress whenever possible. One key to minimizing stress during the moving process, whether you’re pregnant or not, is not to try to do all the packing in a couple of days. It’s crazy the amount of items we accumulate when living in a home for even a short amount of time. You will most likely underestimate the time you need to pack, so plan on starting the packing process at least a month before the move.

Start with a room that isn’t used very often and pack everything that you can. Try to do one room every few days. That way, you won’t have to worry when moving day comes, and you have an entire house to pack up! Giving yourself time to pack will provide you with added comfort and peace on moving day.

To start creating a packing game plan, check out our packing tips guide.

Tip #3: Pack essential pregnancy items in clear bins for moving day.

Healthy foods and sparkling water packed in a Whole Foods Bag

There will be a few essential items you can’t go without in the midst of moving house while pregnant. Start to make a list of these items well before moving day so you can plan on packing them in a last-minute “essentials kits.”

Your go-to pregnancy snack, prenatal vitamins and favorite comfy maternity pants will go in this bin. If there are any essentials to getting a good night’s rest for your first night in your new home, make sure those items are handy, too. Resist the temptation to throw these important items in random boxes at the last minute. That way, you won’t spend hours looking for them later on after a long moving day.

A clear plastic storage bin serves well as a moving day essentials kit. It’ll allow you to see your essentials and find them easily when they’re needed. Travel with it in the car or the cab of the moving truck. That way you know you have what you need, even if your other belongings don’t quite make it where they need to be right away.

Not sure what you’ll need on moving day? Check out these typical moving essentials you don’t want to forget on moving day, and modify for pregnancy needs.

Tip #4: Let others move the heavy furniture.

Pregnancy is not the time to be bending, lifting and struggling with heavy items. Moving heavy furniture while pregnant is not recommended, so leave that to everyone else and spend your time helping in other ways. Come up with a plan for who will move what before moving day so that when the day comes everyone knows what is expected of them. If you need help finding a reputable moving company, check this out!

Tip #5: Hire a cleaning company.

Pregnant woman sitting relaxing scrolling through phone

The last thing you want to leave for the new owners of your house is dust bunnies and dirt. Since you are expecting and need to stay away from harsh chemicals, consider hiring a cleaning company to do the house’s final cleaning once everything has been packed into the moving truck.

Not only is this a safer option for you during pregnancy, but it also makes moving week much less strenuous on your body, and gives you one less checklist to worry about.

Tip #6: Line up a relative or babysitter to take care of other children on moving day.

If you have other little ones, moving can become much more complicated. Try to book a relative or friend to watch the kids on moving day, whether it’s a grandparent or babysitter. You will have enough on your mind. You don’t need to be worrying about your other children, who will most likely want snacks and entertainment.

There will be times throughout the moving process when the little ones must be involved, especially if you begin the packing process early on as recommended. Here are some great tips for moving with kids, and a few ways to keep them busy throughout the adventure.

Tip #7: Have a plan for the new house.

Since you are leaving the heavy lifting for everyone else, make sure that you have a good plan once you arrive at the new house. Don’t be afraid to be assertive and let others know what they need to be doing. You have a baby on the way and need to get this move done as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Make sure that movers know exactly where all rooms are in the house. A color-coded labeling system can help them know where each box belongs.

Also, try to know where you want all of your furniture placed before moving day. It is much easier to have it in the right spot initially, instead of having to move it later. And if you don’t end up liking where something is placed, don’t feel bad asking someone to move it for you while you still have all hands on deck.

Donut on pregnant belly with coffee in hand

Tip #8: Listen to your body.

Moving can be exhausting on your pregnant body. Make sure you are in tune with how you and the baby are feeling. If you are getting tired and sluggish, don’t hesitate to take an hour or so to rest.

Try to have some snacks and drinks handy in your clear, plastic bin so you don’t have to search for food. Keeping yourself fed and hydrated is very important. Be safe, and don’t put too much unnecessary stress on your body.

Tip #9: Wait to buy baby gear until after moving.

Babies may be tiny, but they sure do require a lot of stuff. Try to hold off on having that baby shower or buying loads of diapers until you have moved into your new home. New baby furniture and gear will only add to the laundry list of items you will have to move from one house to another.

Baby gear unpacked in nursery with pregnant mom

Tip #10: Keep baby items bought beforehand in original boxes.

It’s not uncommon for family and friends to want to shower a pregnant mama with gifts, even if you try to postpone the “showering” until after your move. If this is the case during your pregnancy, make the move easier on yourself by keeping all baby items in their original packaging. It is much easier to move boxes than it is to move a swing or a rocker with multiple pieces and accessories, especially since you’ll want to keep everything as clean as possible for the new baby.

We hope these ten tips for moving while pregnant make your move a smooth one. Remember to keep a positive attitude and don’t overdo it! Focus more on telling others where boxes and furniture need to go. That way, everything will be in place when your new baby is ready to enter the world!

This post 10 Tips for Safely Moving While Pregnant appeared first on Life Storage Blog.

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